All about Our Masonry and Concrete Construction Services

Fermax Masonry Inc. is a reputable masonry company that is based in Chula Vista, CA but also serves the surrounding neighborhoods, including . We have been in business since 1999 and we are proud to say that our list of satisfied clients gets longs with each day. If you want to know how we can help you, read the following list:

Wall Construction – If you want to have decorative or retaining walls built on your property, look no further than us. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with many years of experience in the industry and they are able to handle jobs of all scopes and sizes. They are also equipped with professional tools and use only high-quality materials for every wall they build.

Concrete Construction – If you want to get any concrete structures built on your commercial or residential property, you should hire us for the job. We have a lot of experience pouring concrete and will do any job in a timely manner and according to your requirements. No matter if you need a new driveway or a patio, we will deliver the concrete masonry service you desire.

Commercial & Residential Masonry Service – As we have previously mentioned, we can build retaining walls. We can also build stairs and other beautiful masonry features that will add to your property’s value and will improve the look of your landscape. As with the other services we provide, we use high-quality materials and tools and always deliver the results our clients want. In addition to installation work, however, we can also provide you with a reliable masonry repair service.

Whenever you need a masonry or concrete service, do not hesitate to give Fermax Masonry Inc. a call. We will be happy to help every property owner in the Chula Vista, CA area. Dial (619) 352-6302 today if you want to find out more about our services and rates!


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