A Knowledgeable Masonry Repair Contractor Advises

I hope, everyone understands the many benefits of having a fireplace in their home; this the part of the home that gives outstanding comfort for all family members on the winter days and nights. But an essential part of this type of heating system is the chimney. Having a beautiful and stylish fireplace with a deteriorated chimney wouldn’t make much sense. So, a professional masonry repair technician from our company would like to provide you with important information for the several aspects of inspecting those elements of your system.

  • Check for cracks in the bricks; No matter how stable your brick masonry was originally built, it will start to show some signs of deterioration and breakage sooner or later due to its constant exposure to the elements. Minor and small at first, cracks will become a bigger issue if not addressed accordingly. Look at the bricks themselves and the joints between them. If you see some damaged and broken materials, it is best if your chimney is demolished and rebuilt.

  • Check for cracks in the crown; The cement part on the top of your flue is called a crown. But you should determine the difference between “major damage” and “minor damage”. If the crown is not perfectly sealed, it will still need some repair because the impairment may have already started beneath. Water ingress will start to appear and will cause further damage to the flue if you don’t call a specialist to perform the necessary repair.

  • Check for stability; A leaning chimney is not an uncommon sight. Some similar problems are easy to notice, others indications of deterioration are hard to see. But if it’s leaning, that means it’s stability is compromised and the entire integrity of your fireplace is compromised too. Do not delay fixing such a problem and call an expert as soon as possible.


Fermax Masonry Inc. is a legitimate masonry repair company dealing with projects of any kind and size. No job is too small or too big for us. For additions and structures made of stone or brick, call the professionals in Chula Vista, CA at (619) 352-6302.


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